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48 years old from Poland

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Helplessly by M.A.Meddings

Very gentle expression beautiful touching and nice, I love your write

This is a Message in a Bottle.

Very fragile and special is your writing I love this sensitivity you have inside and uncertainness of this what you can find in the next corner of your life, you are wonderful writer

Alone in a Crowd

Yes sometimes it's not so difficult to go into the madness but hope all we here are heard at times of need and we wont finish in a hospital bed :)
Great and scaring story this time :)
Thank you for sharing dear Zoya

Your Voice

So naturally beautiful captured feelings and smiling thought, wonderful and refreshing, thank you for sharing

Letting My Tenderness Flow by M.A.Meddings


Fever by M.A.Meddings

and to the point lovely little write that makes heart melty a bit :) Thank you for sharing


Such wide and great description of this what sometimes we care too much of, sometimes try to stop, sometimes try to forget at all, Wonderful write dear Zoya

A True Friend...

Oh yes it is better to not have million not trues friends but just one or few you can count of in a whiles of weakness of you, nice write though sometimes we love to have friends around just to share smiles and it's not impostant if they came through our life for a while or forever, sometimes the time change everything even this need to have some friend but yes some special once sometimes saty forever with us or we with them :) Thanks for these thoughts that let me remember what is important in life

I Want To Lay With You In Summer Pastures by M.A.Meddings

Beautiful I love your words today, you are always so gentle and warm in everything you say, oh I just turn into dreams after reading you suddenly, thank you for sharing such lovely words

Love Your Love....

Oh sometimes it's not so easy to take this role to your heart but generally you have right, nice poem here I see and somehow it makes me smiling too, so thank you :) for your sweet write and for sharing it too Have a great day and have a love that is true

Just A Simple Country Girl by M.A.Meddings

You are always so impossible gentle and sweet in your words :) You could take on it not one girl suppose :) lol
Great job

Know that it is Love (Valentine Special)

Simply beautiful!

People Are Beginning To Talk by M.A.Meddings

Oh this is great write again but who cares of people talk let be free in our dreams and thoughts and not be afraid to love!
It's not a crime at all! Let send each other smiles in this cyber space through, let be genle and nice and caring too, let keep each other in a nice mood let be friends at last! Or sometimes lovers too what is wrong with this what is not good? Oh and people what they can know if they are not undertsand anything at all dont care of them but yes let them know what is right and how you see this life and be so beautifful as you are! Forever!


So simple but straight in to the heart your write...

The Broken drunk man.

Your write is great and real and moving this one too so simple hard life and this what we all wish to have inside, wonderful work

That Cute Little Button by M.A.Meddings

Oh yes little buttons on a dress can be very seducive I know :) Lovely smiling write that I adore!



My Poesy and I

Let us all drown
In the nectar of illusion
Let us believe
In the power of words
so sweet
So full of love indeed
Let us grow
And sing this song
The poesy
Is love!

After Tea by M.A.Medding

It is somehow so much moving and beautiful that it is hard to say something else ...for me

Just Good friends by M.A.Meddings

Oh yes I can say the same I have just a friends here :) sometimes I write some poem or too sometimes I send some smiles too sometimes I'm really happy to have them but we are just a friends :) nothing to be jealous for, right :) great write :)
Kisses and huges


Bleep Bleep by M.A.Meddings a poem for Night Soul womans challenge

So nice poem again so well known emotions too, how familiar I'm with every word you say here, it is great xxx

Long Wooly Knickers by M.A.Meddings

I'm a girl who is allergic to wool actually :)

You by M.A.Meddings

Yes this poem sounds like there is love in the air it sound like a song a fabolouse bird to me, so sweet

Love is a Bird that Nests in Hearts...

So beautifully written again and this picture is great as well, thanks for sharing such warm and true thought it is wonderful

Alive again by M.A.Meddings

I think I know what you feel :) very well sometimes I think it's the best topic to write about and to share it with the world so please keep it up I love your write, my dear Knight :)

If I Say That You Are Pretty by M.A,Meddings

Sweet, as always yours :)

Love will Knock at Your Door...

Oh this is so beautiful poem that fulfills hearts with hope and assurance, wonderful bright write!

Fabled sparrows

How I love all these dreams you have! Beautiful and free your soul fly from one fable nest to another one in searching you find real pleasure and this is fine way too even if sometimes too light to feel real desire of true love, but these dreams are so sweet too so why not why not wandering among all these beauty you see around? Great write, have a great day and night :)

Premonition Dream

The vision so great and vivid and such seducive end but still flatterring soul to high flow, it is wonderful :)

Please Dont Tell Your Mother by M.A.Meddings

for leaving sorry I'm sleepy today :)

Please Dont Tell Your Mother by M.A.Meddings

ha ha very clever, and cute, thanks for left me in smiles again

Mystical Flames

You know how to light the fire :)

Lovely write



The Love Birds a haiku renga for Thomas and Liz by M.A.Meddings

How I love this topic and the way you write it's so easy to feel this same so easy to understand from all my heart :)
Wonderful simple write

Tai Chi Italy by M.A.Meddings

Lovely tribut to your friend how sweet man you are :)
Great write that give smile

The love's arrows

Oh yes such cuts are really hurting sometimes

Sheets of Satin by M.A.Meddings

Oh such sweet write you did again that I can't stop dreaming about the man like you it is so warm so inviting so wonderful

Spark of Life

I'm also touched by your last statement the most maybe becuase it is so true, we really feel life when we love we really want to do something too every other time of this life is nothing special :)
Your ilustrations are also amazing :)

A Woman from the East

You make me dream to be woman from East writing such beautiful description of every real woman who wish to be seen like this. Poet eyes can see woman this way only :)

The Hundred Years of Solitude

Wonderful poem love means sometimes so much longing I think I know this part of love very well too, great captured feelings, I love your write and all this book is amazing

In the silent darkness of the room by M.A.Meddings

Very sensual writing I love to read words like this

This Feeling by M.A.Meddings

it looks like very nice beginning :)
love your write :)
have a great night

The Scarlet Rose

I love such write and yes your lady is a happy one :) but you too I think are very lucky man

Most wishes for New Year



How it is lovely write and life if together...


Excellent poetry from legendary soul and from your own, wonderful

Simple Words Of Endearment by M.A.Meddings

Yes simplicity is sometimes or mostly the best and you captured all charm of it here, great write



Sometimes I feel I am the Rain

a very tender breeze I feel when I imagine this scene, lovely poetry and beautifully captured wantings and feelings

Romancing Marilyn Monroe by M.A.Meddings

Nice write :) And yes she had some inner charm inside even women loves her i think :) Smiling



This Love by M.A.Meddings

It's very touching and so real though I still believe in every possible way this feeling can come to brig some joy nad something more I like your write it's beautiful

Art of Happiness

Great description of this what happiness can be and when and where we can find it, great bright words to all of us just to remember what is worth to fight for and how to live to bring a joy to us and someone else, great job!

Children of a Lesser God- Bonded Labourers

You are very strong and powerful with your write about all these terrible things of this world, as always very touching hearbreaking and wonderful write, keep this great work