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Shas Ramlogan

33 years old from Trinidad and Tobago

The latest comments that Shas Ramlogan has written.

Forever Synchronised

This is amazing. "Like warm milk on cold stone" is one of the best things I've ever read on here. Kudos! (Btw you taught me at UWI, Trinidad many years ago!)

So cold!

Great imagery here, especially with the rush of every day life and its effects on us and how we treat others.

Light of life

Wow. Stunning piece. So effortlessly expressed.

The Room at the End

Agreed. Simple but beautiful.

Darkness Within

Fantastic piece. Really thought provoking and very interesting indeed.

The Family Business

Thank you for checking out my poem Jim. It's the first time I've been writing in years, so although it may not be my best, glad to know it can still be relatable. Cheers.

First Monsoon Shower

Zoya, when I read the title to this piece, I understood what potential this poem could hold if done properly. But you did not disappoint. It flows elegantly gorging itself in beautifully romanticised images that just bloom and cradle the life of the piece in every line. The language is wonderfully expressed and delightful. A favourite...;)

Scenes From A Plantation

kathy, I am very grateful for this piece on cruelty in history. Trinidad was once a colonised nation, and slavery still conforms many echelons of our society, though to a much more sly and vicious way. Through the circumstances of your position, this is a very compassionate and understanding write. Thanks.

Autumn Leaves

This is an absolute great piece of poetry, Zoya. The content in itself is beautiful but the imagery one is drawn to through the connection of the words and flow, is amazing.


Racism is such a major issue affecting only some segments of society. To just refer to the footballers, constantly mocked, its ridiculous, the condescending remarks are this certain group's only way to feel superior, in a world defined by development. Good write, Onyeka. Don't we all wish there was a place out there where this didn't happen, somewhere...

Spring of Desire

Very nice write Zoya, passionate and sensual

Symphony of Clouds

I agree, originality is very welcome and refreshing. This is a very nice piece.

I am back

Welcome back...

It's A Shame

This is a great piece of poetry. The imagery is passionate and dazzling. And the flow and language brings this little girl to life. Great write panda ;)

They Call Me Black

I can totally relate to this. I'm surrounded by friends lacking pigment and they always joke about me having a permanent tan. What a simple but effective way of expressing it. Great piece...made me smile and think of my silly friends.

Heartaches in Spring

Written like one poet, underlining the connection you both have made with this piece. My favourite lines are

"Yet when you are gone, I feel so alone.
the rivers run dry and the stars go home"

That says it all.

A Smoldering Sonnet~Fractured Love

This is beautiful. It is unfortunate that these things do happen, but it is more unfortunate when one believe they have no way out.

There You Go Again by M.A.Meddings

Isn't that always how it is? Great expression.

A mix addict

The expression of content is well-handled, and it flows nicely.

The thought of angels.

This is so creative, rather than talking about but talking as the angels. Beautifully written, flowing from your pen, and shows a very nice command for the English there Sophie. Something about the images and language struck me, very simple yet divine. My most enjoyed piece of yours so far. Thanks for posting in English! :)

Golden Chariot of the Sun

Breath-taking imagery Zoya. This is so absolutely beautiful. They say pictures paint a thousand words, well your words paint a thousand pictures. This one is my first bookmark. It's that good :)

With A Simple Kiss

Passionate and romantic. I think this is your best expression through imagery yet. :) Shas likes.

The Boy by the Ganges

This poem has such greatly expressed imagery. The environment was so beautifully described, and the thoughts of the protag flowed so effortlessly and beautifully. Great work from the very beginning Zoya! & Congrats on your 100th post!

Angel of Sadistic Beauty

This is a great poem. It has great rhythm and flows nicely, but i mostly like the language, its powerful and absorbing, and the content is portrayed amazingly.

First Kiss by M.A.Meddings

I agree, it is really beautiful. Passionate yet innocent, beautifully romanticised imagery. Great piece.

I Want Zainab to Feel Jealous

LOL i had a nice laugh out of this. Must get revenge, i tell you, revenge! lol. Welcome back :)

The Beech Tree


I can undoubtedly say that this piece is one of the most creative, inspiring works I have read on the bay. The language is absolutely beautiful and the way the piece develops, absorbing you into it, is flawless. It is truly thought-provoking and the ending lines are so passionate.

Maybe Sometimes I

Something about this poem struck me. Maybe its the full-on punchy language, the emotion, the flowing rhythm or just the beautiful way you have captured the sentiment. Great piece :)

The Emptiness Remains

I like the rhythm and flow of the poem. The last line is so powerful yet disheartening. But the piece was written so well. Thanks for sharing :)

You feed me potatoes

This piece is so very powerful, filled with amazing imagery, especially the last four lines. Very good poem.


This is a beautiful piece. Full of captivating imagery and enthralling substance.

The Living Fountain

This beautiful and praising.


Thanks for the head's up man. Have a nice enjoyable trip.

Love Phrases      (Kärleks fraser)

This is both beautiful and romantic

The Beauty of Your Tenderness by M.A.Meddings

This poem is powerful, emotional and passionate. The words beautifully paint images of the sadness and tenderness.

A woman of class by M.A.Meddings

This is short and beautiful. Doesn't take itself too seriously, and adds humour to the bay. Nice.

Petals On A Shelf

The imagery on this piece is amazing. I couldn't have written it better myself.

"One by one i lose myself..."

That's so beautiful.

Slumbering In My Shallow Tomb

This is a great piece. As Kathy said, great flow and wonderful images. Its a time we all go through at one stage or the next, you have portrayed it beautifully in this medium. Nice job :)

He Stole My Heart

Wildly passionate, yet sensual and smooth. Shas likes, Shas likes alot :) Happy reading your work as always Kathy.

Mystifying Moth

I love this, its so intense. Such little words say so much.

When I Was Born

Doesn't it always seem perfect when life is born? When times stops to kiss the beauty. This one i liked.


This is great. It's emotional but real, true to oneself. The feelings are uncompromised, there's no romanticising of the passion here. It's raw, as it should be, as "lust of heat" is. Thanks for that little peek into that naughty side, we all have one. :) Great work, Kathy.

Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul

Individually, both poets post passionate, emotional, entrancing poems. However, in this collaboration of ideas, they together unravel a beautious essence worthy of acclaim. This is absolutely a delight. Great contributions both Zoya and Lourdes.

The World Today

Bringing two beautifully talented poets together definitely results in thought-provoking, enchanting, yet realistic addressing of the issues in this big ole world. Great work both Zoya and Kathy :)


Again, I can relate profoundly with this piece as I did with another you have written on the mustard fields in kashmir. We both share the same culture but with me being transplated through history, reading your poems have given me a real, traditional, earth-bound sense of my roots. A passionate, teaching, inspiring piece in many ways.

Poet and the Angel Of Grace.

This is absolutely beautiful. Such flowing words of affection and captivating imagery. The respect that i have for both poets involved has soared. Great contribution as always, Zoya.

Fairy Tale Dreams

The imagery, the flow, the romanticising of ideas is both compelling and beautiful. This is great work as usual Kathy.

The Tomb of Jesus in India

I like the rhythm of the poem, and the way it can be easily read and understood. But mostly, i like the way that you state your feelings without trying to denounce or compromise faith on either side. Much respect for that. P.S. I can't believe you went to India! I've wanted to go so long now. That's awesome. Your work is always just captivating and fulfilling. Thanks for posting.

Her necklace is of summer peach stones

"She makes it rain on the other side of the planet"

That is so beautiful. I like the rhythm, and oblivion to greatness. It's selfless, gripping and just really beautiful. KJC, lucky ;)


It is undoubtedly a great piece. Its raw, emotional, it oozes with pain, the feeling of betrayal, disappointment, hurt. As much as we'd all like to hope these things dont happen, they do. I hope no one you know was that unfortunate. Great piece nonetheless.