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Chris Fernie

The latest comments that Chris Fernie has written.

Momma's Boy

Dear Stan,

I'm whistling Dixie in your praise, my poker-faced pal!

Cheers, Chris

Quasars and Black Holes

Dearest Mel,

Is this what they call a uni-verse?

Starstruck Chris


The harsh name says it all, like Tartars, Scythians, Mongols, invaders all.

Franz Shubert and I

So you are the Stan in the lost Stanza!

What a hand you must be holding! (I bet she's pretty, too.)

Cheers, Chris

I'm Still Around!

Dear PP,

Glad to hear from you again! I'm suspending active involvement in the 'bay for a few months while I finish three plays that I started in a few years ago. I'm 58 in October so I need to crack on! I hope to take one of the plays to the Edinburgh Festival in 2010, so watch this space as they used to say in the 1990s.

Keep in touch,

Chris x

A Letter to Matthew

Dear Kathy,

It takes real courage to share such tender and loving thoughts about your estranged son with the world at large. But this is the great benefit of living in a global network of fellow writers who can and do relate to testimonies of the human condition. Poetry can be healing, and I do hope that your maternal plea will be heeded by Matt.

With much brotherly love,

Chris x

Mont Orgueill

Dear Elle,

This is a beautiful poem which plays to your wonderful skill in marrying the past with the present, the nowness of nostalgia. One day I hope I'll be in one of your poems; now that would be an achievement!

Cheers, Chris xxxxx

Looking Past The Moon Up To The Stars

Hi Stan,

Given the anniversary of Apollo 11 this is thought-provoking stuff. Perhaps there are parallel universes where we are no better or worse than our perceived reality, only different. You know, Stan, Napoleon defeated Wellington at Waterloo, Hitler survived the bunker and continued to fight on, Adam and Eve didn't eat the apple... I won on the horses!

Happy hands!


When Spring Is On The Meadows (co-write with Lastromantichero)

A celebratory love poem whose sentiments and charm will be shared by all the world's true lovers.

Chris x


Dear melanie sue,

This is a noble and heroic poem which I shall keep as a hard copy.

Regards, Chris

Imaginary Play

Dear Tom,

I admire your sentiments and applaud their expression in this fine poem.

Cheers, Chris

And The Band Played On

Dear Melanie,

As Cliff Richard, sorry, Sir Cliff Richard might have sang:

'Mastication and celebration...'

Let's all celebrate this family gathering!

Cheers, Chris


Dear soul slider,

Like any good writer, you have captured my attention. When can I expect the next instalment?

Your suspensefully,


Death Bed

Dear melanie sue,

This is very moving piece, poignant and with a pace that is both menacing and serene.

Long may you live to write such powerful poetry!

Best wishes,


Chestnut Candles

Dear Normalil,

I love your whimsical and nostalgic sentiments, though I appreciate the serious message in your poems. Have you ever been compared to Pam Ayres?

Cheers, Chris

The Sea of Tranquility

I was there with you, dear friend, any chance of being your crew?

Great to see you back on board!


The Hobo

Dear Purple Phoenix,

Your father's characterful drawing and your loving word-picture of him make a great union on the page. Have you ever considered inviting him to illustrate your poems? What a duo you would make!

Cheers, Chris

PS I've just looked again at 'The Hobo' - has your father ever met me? The likeness is uncanny.

Autumn Leaves

Dear soul slider,

I very much admire your work which I call poetical prose; it reminds me of the early work of the late American writer, Raymond Carver.

If you haven't written short stories or longer works of prose, may
I suggest you do as I believe you could become an interesting story teller. Also, can I become your agent?

In the meantime, keep well and creative!

Cheers, Chris


I like poems that have a metre of musicality, a kind of singalong sway that seeps into your memory, to be hummed in the shower or on the top of a bus.

I love this fine example and I'm going to have a shower right now!

With best wishes,


Snap Shot


Who needs a photgraphic memory when every image tells a story?

'A photo is an amazing thing,
It can laugh and cry and sing'.

With double exposure love,

Chris x

It is only Love


This took my breath away with its pace and passion, a wonderful love poem worthy of a scented bookmark.


Waiter! There's a Typo in my Soup!

Once again you have served up a warm and witty alphabet soup of verse. All your work has a wonderful musicality, and some of your poems are very lyrical; no wonder you are singer/songwriter.

Welcome to Poetbay!

I can't wait to see your main course!

With best wishes from shivering England,


PS Any chance of transportation?

Forever His

Dear Kathy,

As an infrequent visitor to the 'bay I have only just read Mike's 'obituary' through your heartfelt tributes to his life and work, none of which will be forgotten by those innumerable members, visitors and friends who loved that truly romantic hero and his wonderful 'sword', that prolific pen of his which wrote with such tenderness and understanding.

I am very sorry that Mike has passed over, and extend to you my heartfelt condolences. God bless you in your time of grief; please accept the following poem by the late Raymond Carver as my memorial to your 'lastromantichero'.

Late Fragment

And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

Chris Fernie

The watchmaker

Dear E,

Like the watchmaker's masterpiece, I put my hands together and applaude probably your finest masterpiece to date... only time will tell, of course.

With chimes of love,

Chris xxxxx

The Magic

Dear E,

Your soothing cascade of words makes this bleak and windy day much more tolerable.


Chris xxxxx

word music

Dear Peter,

Thank you for taking me to your special place, which reminds me of my lonely, heroic 'voyages' around Heysham harbour and Sunderland Point - ''... the church was in ruins, the sea was reclaiming the land..'.

Yours is a truly epic piece of writing, worthy of a Viking bard, methinks!

Cheers, Chris

Christmas Past

(Rein) dear Elle,

I read this aloud when I was a little tipsy and it made me cry with happiness! I love the carousel metre of this large portion of nostalgia, this wonderful Christmas present!

Thank you.

Love, as always,

Chris xxxxx

PS I shall write on Christmas Eve...


Dear E,

I love this poem for I would like to be forgiven by you, you who wears her heart on a sleeve... and then offers that sleeve to someone else to cry on.

You are lovely!

Chris xxxxx

Beaumont Hospital

I had a near-fatal heart attack several years ago, followed by a successful bypass operation. I can remember a Gordian knot of emotions - giddy optimism, dark dread, shaking sadness... but like you I survived to tell the tale, the wonderful tale of being alive!

Keep up the recovery!

With best wishes,

Chris Fernie


Dear Peter Humphreys,

I very much like the shape and the sentiments of this poem, evoking the ribbed appearance of both tidal beach and beached, skeletal ships.

Well done!

With best wishes,

Chris Fernie

The White House At Chelsea by Thomas Girtin 1775 - 1805

Dear Mike,

Many thanks for your potted biography of Thomas Girtin. This little poem is in gratitude for your erudition.


Your life was a miniature
Painted in watery tears,
But your Art is the cure
That heals down the years.

With best wishes,


An Angry Mother

Dear Kathy,

I can picture you standing outside the culprit's house and shouting out this poetic warning through a megaphone! Come out with your hands up!

I like the use of red ink; it helps to visualise your anger.

Take care,

Love and best wishes,

Chris xxx

A Clothes Call

Dear NADP,

Like most of your work, this had me in a spin with your dry sense of humour. You are truly a wit worth reading!

Cheers, Chris

Infant Stars of Infinity...

Dear Kathy,

You are a STAR! And you take light years off me!

With love and best wishes, as always,

Chris 'Cosmos' xxx

MY REAL FRIENDS[haiku for all my poetbay friends]

Dear Liz,

I love all the Bay dwellers, too, for we are all truly equal members of a great sisterhood and brotherhood of internet writers; we go beyond borders, don't recognise state lines, and belong to a wonderful commonwealth of different races, creeds and cultures. In short, we just could be the future of our species!

Thank you for your tribute and for reminding us all where we live.

Love and best wishes, Chris x

A Celestial Fountain

Dear Kathy,

You are a GREAT Romantic poet, on par with Miss Rossetti! Bravo!

Kisses and hugs,

Chris the Cowboy xxxxx

The Burden of Charisma

Dear Sandy,

Those other editors are blind! If the signature was S. Plath or R. Carver, this little gem would get published.

As a trillion other gifted voices have said down the years, there ain't no justice in the world.

Love and best wishes, Chris x

Smoking Poet Haiku

Dear Sandy,

I love these Latino haiku - give the girl a cigar!
Castro would like you - you're going to be a star!

Cheers, amigo.

Chris xxx

Attention Jack Bauer

Dear Teala,

I love relationships that are taken one day at a time! And I love your poetry, too.

Happy New Year, a bit late but earnest.

Chris x

touching the escape

This is a beautiful poem which leaves a ghostly memory.

Happy New Year, belated but heartfelt.


Surrendering the Muse

Dear Sandy,

This is a wonderful fusion of ancient and modern images; if the Muse of Poetry lives today, she lives in you.

Happy New Year, cloud-watcher!

Chris x


Dear Liz,

I bet the clock had a smile on its face! One for bookmarking, I think.

Happy New Year!

Cheers, Chris x

PS Pity about the Ashes... Englishmen don't travel well... well, that's my pathetic excuse.

True Colors In Season

Dear Aaron,

You have a great future as a poet. I also think that you should try writing drama for you seem to have an ear for dialogue.

Well, whatever you do in 2007, have a happy and poetically productive New Year1



When I Was Forty Two by M.A.Meddings entry to Katherines remember the best times challenge

Dear Mike,

Strange how 'dog' is 'god' spelt backwards, that Sirius is the brightest star visible to the naked eye (with apologies to our Sun, of course). Your tender poem is indeed testimony to the possible reasons for my childish observations.

With best festive wishes,


Christmas Eve, An Irreverent Look at the Possible Beginning

Dear Friend,

Mel Brookes would have been proud to have conceived this!

Merry Christmas!


Nothin' Says Lovin' . . .

Dear NotaDeadPoet,

This is a forensically good analysis of the love of lust and the lust of love. At least, I think it is...

Cheers, Chris

It's A Hell of A Party

Dear Kathy,

Ghouls will be ghouls, especially at this time of year! Besides, you'd be ejected from Hell for being too nice! Me? I'm with you, babe.

Christmas cheers,

Chris xxx

Jump Rope Ditty

Dear Kathy,

Move over and let me have a go at skipping! See you in the playground later.


Chris, aged 8

To "Daddy" -- A Nightmare Remembered

Dear Notadeadpoet,

This is a moving piece of sustained writing, a truly confessional experience. For myself, it has echoes of Sylvia Plaths's poem, also called 'Daddy, in which she regaled her own father for having betrayed her.

A memorable reading event, though painful to absorb.

With best wishes,


A contrast of want and need

Dear Teala,

Thank you for reminding me of the huge inequailities that there are in the world, as viewed through the eyes of two very different exemplary children.

A timely and worthy poem for Christmas.

Cheers, Chris