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Everyday Conversations

First of all - thanks for your comment......possibly the best one I've received - ecspecially the criticism at the end. I may be the only one I know who truly does love being critiqued.

I haven't been able to figure you out yet through your poetry - and kudos to you because I'm usually pretty good at reading between the lines. I have a few theories and they're probably pretty close but I'll read more before I call you out.

I like this poem...I love how you take a very personal experience and add a universal feel to it.

It's funny cuz i was just at a restaurant the other day and my waitress was geekin' pretty bad and i too, had to try and participate with my table, while being aware of things around me that the average person never notices.

Anyway - great poem and i'll read more soon!

vox populae

I hear ya sister,there's just not much stirring in my soul.
Hello to you anyways and hope all is well for you and yours!!!

God is god,


42) Indifferent

this is an awesome piece and I can't say enough about the ways your poetry relates to my life.Absolutely excellent!!!!

When You Look At Me Like That

Hi Kathy,I enjoyed the simplicity of this piece and continue to look for your pieces when I'm in town.

God Whispers

Hey you,it's been awhile and please know that over the past month or so,I have not only thought of you but have included you in my prayers.
I have been traveling the nation and working but glad to be back in front of the computer and catching up on your pieces,which are awesome as always.
I hope all is well for you and yours and look forward to hearing from ya.
God bless you and have a wonderful night!

the coulor

you have a style about you that is unique to say the least.i'm inspired by it, for i struggle to branch outside my comfort, which is pretty standard.anyways,i enjoy not being able to grasp your work on the first go around.that is what makes a good piece:provoking as much thought and energy towards the message,should you also have something meaningful to share(which it appears you do)you begin to truly offer more than words.my name is brian and the pleasure was all mine!


What makes you bitter kills you slowly!

innocence and...

hello darling.it's been quite some time and i apologize for that.i've been traveling about this miserable country in search of some kind of national spirit,but i'm more convinced than ever before that America is the equivalent to that one bar that never checks I.D. and thus:everyone comes together in one place but only for thier own selfish motives.How can a nation of strangers share anything other than space and fear?
anyhoo,I see that you're still knocking 'em dead with a sentence or two and I'm glad to be back in front of the most united format I have in my life:THE BAY

so much for freedom ring

Awesome job!!You should read my pieces,"oh say can you see"and"rise and find"I think you'll enjoy them.


drugs suck!!!they suck balls,suck dick,they just flat-out suck!!!!The biggest lie.biggest delusion in the world.Trust me when I say that nonne knows better than me:15 trips to county jail,3 trips to prison,kidnapped,beaten and burned in a dopehouse.a couple trips to the emergency room where announced dead upon arrival,7 trips to rehab,a trip to a crazy hospital and the list goes on,all because of DRUGS!!!!!!

Help Me

I feel your pain my friend.I see a lot of my style in your's and also share in the feelings you've shared.I don't pretend to have any magic answers to loneliness but hanging in there is always a popular one.Have the best holidays you can.

Sonnet 109 To Tai-Ana on Christmas Day 2006

A wonderful job.Every sentiment was felt and apropiate for the season,any season for that matter.Great job!!!!

Will I Reply

How easy it'd be for me to say that you should not reply and for you to continue gathering strength in independance.To not disrupt the process of grieving so that you may move on and involve yourself with someone who shows his appreciation for you,not in e-mails after he has hurt you so, but rather in how he treats you on an everyday basis.A person who shows sorrow only after a consequence, is usually only sorry about the way thier actions have cost them in the form of you leaving him and not in the way that thier actions have hurt you in the first place.If it takes this extreme for him to say the things you've wanted to hear all along,then chances are that these are only words and that his overall actions are most likely a better and more telling sign of the truth.
I don't pretend that this is easy but believe it or not,true and pure love is supposed to be much easier than this and if it's not,then maybe it is infact time to seek out a more honest and pure form of love.however, I am totally aware of the things that are at stake and that is why I pray that God will direct your heart in these matters.
Your friend,

Crescent bloom

You have a style about you and it's not easy to describe.It's definately original.I love it and also enjoy the way you bring style to the words and the colors,etc.It's all good.

Fields of the Play of Lovers

Hey you,I just wished to say Hi and hoping all is well in your corner.Have a great day and Holiday.Hope to hear from you soon.

What I Have Learned

Hi Cindy.It's been awhile I know but please know that you've remained a daily part of my prayers and as a result,my thoughts as well.
I spent the last 15 minutes or so sending you a message on this piece only to have had it erased:((
The basic point I was trying to convey in that message was that I have struggled with religion as well and it wasnt until I focused more on a personal relationship with God,that I began to feel at peace with the direction that spirituality was taking me.I attend a non-denominational church three times a week and although I still struggle with letting go of physical/tangible forms of security,hope,etc.I am getting stronger in my belief that something bigger than us.bigger than the bay even,is at work in me and essentially the world.
The foundation of that growth was born in the fact that Jesus Christ was the author behind that.
Promise me you'll have an awesome day and even better holiday,
Your Friend,

Trans - formed

another awesome write!My awe is quickly turning to envy and soon to be jealousy:))))

It's time

What a great piece here my lady.I don't have to tell you the ways in which I admire the level of thought you put forth in your work because I already have,but you have definately raised the bar with this piece and how excited I am to know that there's another on this site who will appreciate this level of substance and philosophy.Infact I have something in mind,that I've been contemplating on wether this is the right site to share it on and you have answered that question with this awesome work.Great job and there is no scale to rate this treasure.

This is the end?

I continue to be blown away by you and others who are so young and yet so profound.I can only imagine how much you will offer this world in terms of wisdom and inspiration should you continue to sharpen what is obviously your calling:A better tomorrow!!!

~Dance With Me Darling~

Awesome job of passion and description.I'm reminded in this poem of the awesome power of love and attraction and it's ability to rule the heart and mind:literally rendering everything and anything;powerless in it's attempt to penetrate the force of an inspired heart.Great,great,great and even greater job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy's Love In Heaven

The more I read of the losses you've endured,The more my admiration grows and I'm reminded that we all posess strength unknown to ourselves until the time comes to produce.Unfortunately,some of us don't, and in my past - I didn't.Reading of you and your strength is so inspirational and relative to the ways I hope to be!!!

:) My Friends I Have Found :)

I thank you as well and I too appreciate you and all the rest who have gave me nothing but smiles,encouragment and gratitude.What a wonderful arrangment this is and has been.
Thank you cindy,from the bottom of my heart as I continue to pray for nothing but awesome things for you and yours:))

Good-Byes Are Hard

If you must go be sure that many of us are praying for your happiness.Please find someone or somewhere to replace the encouragment and support you've received on the Bay.It's very important for you to be reminded of hope and faith during these times.I hope you are able to have a wonderful holiday and yuo will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Mexican Night

Great job Kathy.I love the construction and again,what a wonderful idea behind this piece.It was awesome before you even wrote a word.awesome and totally enjoyed it

My Craving

We spend a large part of our lives (some larger than others) trying to "fill that void"
We find something that creates such joy and we figure that "it "must be "that" in which we've been in search of.Relationships are usually the most effective substitute in trying to complete one's self because relationships imitate love and that love is very close to the meaning of life;which is true and absolute love.
Here's the point darling:that void or emptiness inside you is supposed to be there.That is the space in our hearts which is reserved for God.If we fill that part of us with Him,we fill ourselves with true and absolute LOVE.=We fill ourselves with a peace of mind.
When we start there,then relationships outside of Him not only imitate,they become praise and testimony to something bigger than ourselves.I am so sorry that you have been involved with someone that has hurt you so but put your trust into a bigger love and your happiness or peace of mind will not be someone elses to alter.
I in no way meant to imply that you don't already know this and I'm learning it as I go as well.Please sleep in peace tonight knowing that the greater good is on your side.

Email Wisdom

I do beleive you are quickly becoming my favorite.For whatever it's worth Kathy,you are putting smiles on faces and I for one;THANK YOU!!!

I Gave~You Took

What a wonderful piece and I wish my voice had tone because this is one of the best poems I have ever read.I truly do mean it when I say that this poem kicks ass!!!AWESOME

A piece of paper

Natalie I am glad to be back and glad to see you are still at it.If I've never told you before then I'll say it now;You are a delight to read and so well spoken for your age.Keep at it because there's no doubt you wre put here to share with others.

Pillar of Salt

Hello Blue,I'm sorry for taking such a lengthy leave but life has reared it's ugly face and I've been trying mt best to be "everyone's shoulder.I'm glad to be back and to find all my friends still writing.
Your latest poem sounds very personal and leaves alot to be wondered on it's exact meaning.From what I was able to gather,this is a very powerful piece and to posess it's full meaning would most likely make it ten times more intense.Excellent as always!!!


I'm glad to be back for I've been dealing with such bullshit lately.Happy to have returned and to find your words still flowing.
As for your poem:manipulation is usually needed when the truth is somehow being betrayed.So I guess your correct because many poets are usually timid and need to fully explain themselves when otherwise a simple "you fuckin' suck" will suffice:))

An Ethereal Soul

Excellent work Kathy!I am glad to be back.Life has thrown me some of the worst moments imaginable as of late but I have returned and so glad that you're still treating me to your wonderful words.Truly am glad to be back!!!

unless i try

Very well said as usual.Someone out there is obviously very blessed to have you trying in thier life:))

Footprints of Sacrifice And Tears

Well you've blown me away today.I can't tell you how I've enjoyed the pieces you've shared today.This is possibly my most passionate subject as it relates to the contradiction of humanity.To be fighting for peace has always had a sour ring to it and you captures very tastefully.


brilliant kathy!a good poem is only as good as the idea you form in the beginning.this was an awesome idea and then an even more powerful construct.Not to mention the purpose it gives us in using words to touch another.thank you!!


brilliant kathy!a good poem is only as good as the idea you form in the beginning.this was an awesome idea and then an even more powerful construct.Not to mention the purpose it gives us in using words to touch another.thank you!!

Distant Arms ~Co-write with Saga

Very cool Blue!I can't help but noticing how your poetry gets better and better with each piece.Keep it up kiddo!

Running naked on the street

Awesome job.I think it relates to anyone who feels that their life is just a little too predictable and that somewhere along the way they lost a part of themselves.I'm probably way-off but it worked for me:))

moving on

What can I say? Totally jealous of how you capture so much, so quickly.You the mam!!!

A Melancholy Poem

Wonderfully written.You truly amaze me with your insight and ability to capture whatever your writing about.

*~*ALL OF YOU*~*

Beautifully expressed!!!Have I told you how much I enjoy your work and anticipate your pieces daily.Thank you!!!

Chemistry 101 ~for Saga's Challenge

Very clever.You continue to impress me!


someday you'll teach how to say everything in so few words.thanx for a pleasant start to what seems like is going to be one of those days.I'm going to court to support a friend that's accused of a horrible crime.Not sure how to feel about the whole thing.Wish me luck!

learning curves

Well done!You've challenged me to revisit a part of myself that is rusty to say the least.Sometimes I wonder if I should call my ex-girlfriends and ask for all my poetry back.Believe it or not,I once was able to capture the best that love has to offer.
Awesome poem!!!

me and my sister

I struggle with the relationships I have with my family but I quess it's as simple as that.Thanks again kiddo!!

This Person I Am

Oh Kathy,sometimes I feel I'm just a glutton for punishment,for i too have had my share and beyond of heartache in relationships.Maybe I'm a fool but I refuse to be shaped by another's inability to love.And so I continue to offer my "next"
the very best of me in hopes of living
"Happily Ever After"

Alone in this world

Great poem!!!There is definately something to loneliness:It is possibly the worst and most hopeless feeling in the world.This poem was a great example of someone slipping out of the grasp of loneliness and it was very tastefully done.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work.I find myself looking for your new pieces and they are always wonderful.Thank you!!!

I'm in love with you

This was a beautiful poem.I really enjoy the thought you put into your poetry.If i hadn't visited your page,I would've thought I was reading someone With 50 years of experience.You are very wise and yet you have so much life ahead of you.Keep it up!!

22) Love you are running like my blood

very beautiful.possibly the best gift in this world is to find someone in which you can love this deeply and recieve that kind of love in return.It's not easily done.
This was an awesome poem!!!