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64 years old from USA

The latest comments that Ray has written.

My Secret

Awesome! Again you inspire me with these kind and strong words that just runs deep from inside your soul and flows out like a stream...so sedentary and yet so full of life...

Street Urchin

I especially admire your write! You have a special way with your pen that flows like an artist portraying such beauty, yet leave reality spill with such ore to capture the essence of the reader to accept what really is going on in this world. Children, the future of our world being exploited in to a world of drugs, sex, and money; giving no meaning to life, no dreams to hope for, a fantasy with no light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks once again for enlightening us in this true but sad picture.

I, Like Penelope sit Weaving

My dear friend, I feel you on this one. Patience is a virtue that can one, keep us sane, or insane. You have the ability to embrace us with words of reality intermixed with fable;a twist of faith. The power to express emotions will, with due respect, keeps us sane and full of love. Thanks for sharing.

To change the world?

"what the world needs now,
is love, sweet love,
it's the only thing
that there's just to little of"...
this poem reminded me of this song(I forgot who sang it), very true, awesome write. Thanks for sharing.


Now, hold on a second! Who are you to question yourself? Who are you to question ourselfs? Who in the world gave you permission to write these powerful words and put me in the middle of my own life, now lurking deeper, to understand why I am here, my purpose, and of course "who am I"?. Well, guess who? Give this task to the beauty of Zoya, to come out and in a few verses distract us of our own "comfort zone", and get us all stirred up! You are awesome! Your write keeps intriguing me. It keeps me in perspective. How do you keep writing with such flair, and not skip a beat? Thanks, you are a wonderful person!

each n other

Beautiful! Isn't love and the power behind it such a powerful virtue? Thanks for sharing.

The Spice Of Life.

Well written and said. Women deserve much respect and love. This world is so much full of selfishness.Thanks.

Taj Mahal by Moonlight

I envy the man who falls in love(or is in love) with you! Such passion of words...
such desire...so much to give. Thank you..

The Red Squirrel

Thanks for putting a smile on my face! I loved the way you took the time to see nature in its purest form and pictured it with words. Isn't love awesome...walking with Meg...what surrounds us just becomes part of us...nature.


Once again "you take my breath away"! I am and will read this to my 18 year old daughter! I couldn't have expressed or portrayed the love of a daughter any better. Thanks for taking the time to meticulously write this array of words.

Reached out for you

This is a very deep poem! I believe there is more to this than just what I am reading here at the surface. Very well written. Capturing the essence of love and understanding it is just another step into the maturation of the virtue of love. Bravo.


Lost in love... or lost without love? A sad but true expression of what the "world needs now"...Thanks...

The dream

I am an addict on poems and poetry about dreams and love...this one has an essence of purity...thanks for sharing...


Awesome way of portraying the agony of betrayal thru the essence of Mother Nature! You are superb...getting better with every poetry that pours from your soul...dwelling and captivating our deep emotions with enough twist to enlighten and awaken our own sorrows that have been dorment due to our own selfishness...I truly admire you, Thank You.


Now that is what I call love at its most purest, sincere,heart-throbbing,sensual and yet beautiful form of expressing the essence of "love" in poetry! You're truly gifted. Thanks...this one is for keeps.


Addiction because of love...what a pity...I know it's hard but there is an exit, a sunshine, at the end of the tunnel. I hope you find yours. I did. Thanks for sharing and God Bless.

Sweet parting.

Ahhhh! Love is in the air! Lovely....

Emptiness inside

A very sad but true picture of someone in need. Patience is a lacking virtue in most of us that has gone through emotional hell...I hope you find your answer soon my friend...

Match-Sticks & Silver Needles-Children of Lesser God-2

Thanks for your courageous efforts to portray what this world is leaning to. Lovely...Thanks for sharing and educating...

Excuse me....Over here...

Very nice, like a breath of fresh air...nice flow like a song. Thanks for sharing.

On Love

The perception of love...how powerful! I love it....Much enjoyed. Thanks!

You took it all away

Loved it! The beauty of love is, now you can ask yourself, as time goes on, what is love, or lust? Take time to answer this.Thanks for sharing....


The best therapy for someone is to write down there pain and sorrow... you have a gift that so many lack... keep writing,thanks for sharing, and welcome home....

What is love?

Ahhhhh!! The true essence of love!!!Love is so powerful....thanks for your thoughts.


I have been down that road and thank God that He came to me and made me understand the true meaning of life. Life is wonderful, but drugs can eliminate all the true feelings for life...Read some of my poems and you will understand...Thanks for sharing...

A dream

I love dreams...patience my friend for you are not alone...life is about searching who you are...thanks for sharing.

The best lover I know (Rhytm)

A beautiful yet romantic way to portray the way you feel about your loved one. I really love this poem. Awesome yet sensual and sexual...lovely.

Few Of My Favourite Things

Stop! Stop! Stop!... Do you have weakness' in your writing? Or is it just me dwelling in your spiritual words? You just can't stop mind boggling my imagination...
O.K., I surrender...

Less of Me and More of You

A very poetic way to portray The One and only True One(God) that brings us peace,love,happiness and keeps us save. Thanks for sharing.

Self Portrait

Remarkable, sweet, and a reflection from your steps in life! I much enjoyed. Much respect.


There is nothing better than reading poems truly out of your heart! You are truly gifted. Be patient, true love is on the way...you have so much to give.

Hide and seek.

You're good! Keep writing. Powerful, short and to the point. Thanks.


Remarkable! Beuatiful! You took the words out of my mouth! Much respect.

Art of Happiness

You never seem to impress me enough! Your writing is an art! Lovely!

Reject myself

A beautiful piece! I enjoy how you emotionaly describe the pain you are going thru. With all due respect though, if I may, you are young and still full of life. Try not to be so hard on yourself and be patient, God will reward you. Thanks for sharing.

Love, or something like it...

Ahhhh!!! the learning process of love! You go girl!!! Thanks for sharing.

Elemental Passion

Very passionate and sweet. Dreams are reality if you have lived through the emotions. A beautiful piece here. Thanks for taking me through your journey.

My protector.

Thanks for your inspiring words. Such contrast; such beauty in words. Most greatly appreciated.


I like the way God is portrayed here. Lovely. You see, God has to awaken us! He is not here to destroy us or punish us but somehow He has to send us a message. Unfortunately people has to suffer. It is the way we respond to these disasters is what makes us humble and true believers in the faith and grace of God. God Bless you! Thanks for a beautiful and awakening piece.

Coming home.

Nicely written. Another poem written when inspired. I see your connection here within yourself. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.


I really liked this one! There's more to this poem than meets the eye. Leave it to the imagination! Lovely!


You are inspiring to the Word of God. Keep writing as you are a blessed child of Him.

Your Love Makes Me Joyful

Loved this piece. Very inspiring. God Bless and thanks for sharing.


Another fine poetry! You have a gift that I wish I had, Great work, keep it up and the mystery that is involved within. Thanks.

Forgive me

Love sometimes can feel like a merry-go-round. But you have the right to feel how you feel and express it to show your loved one who you really are. This to me is the true love that is so much absent in many relationship. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your feelings.

I can't play

I really loved this poem. I know how to play the guitar, but I presume you really meant, the playing here, of the emotion of love. Correct me if I am wrong. Not a lot of people "know" how to really play the "guitar"! Thanks.

Skies of us

Loved the flow and verses very much. Keep up the skills. You keep emphasizing where and when needed. Remember it is your poem and only you know what you want to realize in your texts! Thanks!

Kitchen Frenzy

Well, I got to tell you man! You crazy or what? Love your imagination...full of intuition! Keep it up. Thanks for making me smile today!


Oh! The beauty of love! Makes me wonder....

Blend me a Colour

Very well written and full of virtues. Just one thing, if I may please, and with all due respect, there is hope. Hope is what makes us go thru pain and sorrow and still come out ahead. Brilliant piece that I much enjoy.