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62 years old from India

The latest comments that mvvenkataraman has written.


During college days or my early days of employment,
I would use only one pen and preserve it perfectly,
I would purchase only one refill as a standby,
That pen would serve for a very long time,
I would write my exams in college with no worry,
If we have limited assets as per our needs,
We will be careful, frugal and also damn happy,
If our assets are too much, agony sets in soon,
Nice poem and I admire its truth and simplicity!


Superb lines that tell the truth,
I often give a pack of 20 pens
That wrote finely as my gift,
One pack costs me Rs. 60 only,
I give at times another pack
With 20 pens, but costs Rs. 200,
Truly speaking when I buy this pack
For me to write, the pens go away,
As 20 pens are there to my credit,
I use them carelessly with no brain,
I scold my wife and daughter
Though they never at all touched it,
I used to cry by asking my wife sadly
"Where did go all those pens dear?"
She would reply that she was unaware,
The poet has chosen a simple topic
And created a fine poem to tell the truth,
All the best dear for your lovely write!

An Act of Hope

When I met a 99 year old poet at his home,
He kindly asked me to write in my own way,
I was criticized for forced rhyme by some,
After reading my poems in his anthology,
He firmly told that I was on the right track,
I should follow it rigidly with no confusion,
He infused confidence to opt for originality,
I am fortunate to have had such a poet,
He was a close friend of late Abdul Kalam,
A great former President of Mother India!
Here the poet has finely placed his ideas,
I feel I am superbly guided by his write!

To Dear Sister, These Heartfelt Lines of Love

The poet has given an affectionate confession
Over his sister having given him financial concession
I am moved very much by his frank expression
As she has offered him kindly monetary cushion
His appreciation via a poem is a noble recognition
And he openly makes kindly a frank admission
In this World with all having a selfish emotion
Coming across such a sister gives great jubilation
May God always sustain this relation with affection
And help in peace promotion with a merciful decision!

Night Prayer

This poem tells the truth openly
Poet has expressed his grievances
Nowhere he has talked about joy
That itself makes this a real beauty
I feel everyone suffers in some way
Only a poet could tell it openly
This gives him solace denied to others
I pat the poet for his genuine ideas
May God bless him with true peace
And give that to us also with love.


Fallen Soldier

Many noble souls realize
And pay deep respects
To those soldiers who died
While safeguarding our lives

I am proud of this poet
As he remembers them
And has taken true pains
To write a rhyming couplet

We live with maximum peace
Mainly due to these soldiers
They must be remembered
Forever with great gratitude.


Mindful Breathing

A simple act called, 'Breathing' is chosen
And the poet has analyzed it skillfully
He has rhymed the poem so nicely
We can't stop enjoying for obvious reason

I truly now wonder to feel 'breathing'
As that is automatically taking place
We must surely admire body's grace
The poem is like breathing soothing.



Though theoretically women have freedom
In practical life, they are only humiliated
Women are very easily misunderstood
This poem, I feel, tells the whole truth

Poetess must be greatly educated
She must be from a great Nation
But, she herself feels like that
Then, she writes based on facts

We can't bluff by not accepting this
This is the situation everywhere
We must gradually change the trend
And give women fullest freedom.



Thank you dear
You give cheer
Happy New Year
Is now here.


News or Propaganda?

On the one side, men go to Mars
And try to analyze lives of Stars
On the other side men cover face
And refuse to allow freedom's grace

When men will love and enjoy unity
When will he pray to every Almighty
Future days will be damn hard surely
As World is forgetting the Lord truly

A kind of fear grips my mind now
As human beings forget easily love
A craze for money and power is okay
But, religious hatred makes heart decay.



Religion is the main source of racism
And of course nerve-shattering terrorism
You have told only the half-truth
Bad effect of religion is indeed mammoth.


Strong Effort will Comfort

Dear Ashe,

Amazed by your comment
My kind thanks are sent
My mood, you could uplift
Now, sorrow has fully left.


Possession of Depression

My thanks to Ashe.

How can I ever forget you?

A simple, clear and plain write
But, it possesses great might
This poem mesmerizes my mind
Lots of truths, in this, I find.


cockroach sutra

Though I love the principles of Lord Buddha
I immediately kill a cockroach without remorse
As It will spread lots of diseases very easily
I never allow a cockroach to escape once seen
I like this poem very much as it is philosophical.


Advantage of Courage

Dear Friendly Poet,

You have made my New Year glorious
For your sake, I must write nobly
Thank you dear brother for your pat
May God bless you to inspire poor me.


Giving Up is a Wrong Step

Dear friend,

You have at last given a positive comment
I am sure that will help me write better
Thanks for reading my simple poetry
Hope in future I will try to improve.

mv venkataraman

Fear Cripples Whole Cheer

Dear ngaio Beck,

Accept my gratitude for your support
I pray that I must please you further
Kindly bless me to write better dear
I truly need your kind comments.

mv venkataraman

Prudence is Holding Confidence

Dear galateus (The PoetBay support member heart!)

Due to your colossal support only
I am able to write here happily
You have also given me praise
That is to me like Sun-rise
I thank you for your patting
As you help me do batting.

mv venkataraman

Mother and daughter

At this young age such a wisdom
Truly your daughter is very lucky
Your expression promotes love
A love that is holy and sacred.


Lance Armstrong

Of course he won through doping
But, he was not a criminal at all
He won medals wrongly only
He deprived chance to another

A genuine athlete lost gold medal
Systematic testing was just absent
We must accuse only the system
Such a famous event had lapses

After taking pills to abort a child
If parents fail to achieve their wish
And if the child is born defective
God and parents are to blame

I am indeed very sad for this news
Please pardon him and pray for him
May be doping brought him cancer
And he won over it with will-power

His story is a lesson for cancer patients
He indeed is a great hero for this cure
He must be asked to give lecture often
To encourage cancer patients superbly

I beg authorities not to make a big issue
Even Jesus was cruelly crucified by men
Lance did not hurt anyone or any mind
Fame and name made him get shame

Please do not scold him as he is human
A doping song writer may win Oscar
Can we call it right or can we ban him?
Pardoning him is the best action now

I do not justify his act saying it as right
But, he must not be beaten by words
I only shed tears for that great soul
May God give him peace and solace.


Shun those Causing Confusion

Dear Poet,

Noble souls give peace of mind
They are the Angels on Earth
You are one such Angel dear
I am indebted to your comment.


Bury Bad-secret in Heart-casket

Thanks for your kind comment
I am boosted by your praise
I am honored by your patting
Hopefully I will write better


Under The Shady Tree

Dear Morning Star,
Your poem is above-par
I liked it very much
Its contents are rich.


light and dark

Every soul is like this rescued
It is left to us to use it wisely
What is the use of wasting love
By getting confused or irritated?
You have got now a life-boat
Do not just float, reach the shore
Start to live and be mirthful please.


The seed of kindness

Dear Nils Teodor,

Your words soothe my heart
They give me healing comfort
Your mind must be a garden
As your ideas reduce burden
Your ideas smell like flowers
You only support this Universe.

With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,


God's Scheme is ever Supreme

Dear Brian,

I have no brain.

With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,



Dear Poet,

You could have written more
To express your jovial ideas
As you expressed very briefly
I am curious to know further.

With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,


Taking Leave will Relieve I Believe

Dear respected epicurus,

I am reminded of that Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
and I profusely thank you for your most encouraging
comments. I fell honored and I humbly submit my
best wishes. Yours truly, mvvenkataraman

False Stunt, Bank Men Will Invent

Dear Richard Wilson and epicurus,

I am working in a bank for nearly three decades and what I have written is a truth and I have highlighted only the reality especially in our Indian Banks.

With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,



Dear respected Aurora Borealis,

Your poem is absolutely correct
Sleeplessness is a great torture
You have positively ended this
By asking others to wake you up.

Thumps up for this little beauty.

With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,



Dear respected montana,

You are a noble poet
Your poem says that
You enjoyed the rain
I enjoyed your poem.

With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,



Your advice is truly wise
Your expression is nice

By taking your kind admonition
One can stabilize one's emotion.

With best wishes,



There is a strong notion
That due to an affair
With a monkey only
Aids has spread terribly

Animals kill during hunger only
But, human beings are opposite
They surely are inferior to others
As they destroy their own brothers.

With best wishes,



Your words are true
They will rescue
Surely me and you
A very fine view.

With best wishes,


No One Told Me

Though experts normally say
That we must learn wisely
From other people's experience,
I firmly disapprove of it
Whether loss or gain in life
If we learn it by ourselves
That alone is true thrill
Let us not hear from others
Let us try and learn it
Loss or success let us not worry
Let us have the urge to learn
What a joy is learning in life!

A nice write,

With best wishes, Yours truly,


She's Something Special

Really the poem is wonderful
Written with ideas and skill
I am amazed by the description
A great tribute for a female

The reader can substitute
His dream girl while reading
The poetic features are intact
I give applause to the poet.


Find Out Of My Deluted Mind

Dear respected Poet,

Your poetry makes me worry
As your mind is in turmoil
If it is just sheer imagination
I will say your poem is superb

May be a psychiatric patient
Is described by you perfectly
In case you have such emotions
I must give you guts for relief

Please enjoy the fruits of life
Variety of fruits available
Just see only the brighter side
In your life mirth will flower.

Nice write, With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,