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Sofiul Azam

40 years old from Bangladesh

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broken tears

I think it's a nice poem that deserves attention from readers. I congratulate you on your decision that you have to be here and to post your work. I hope you will post more of your work at this Poetbay. Anyway, I really wish to read more.


This is another "Journey" poem which I think is really good, and deserves attention from serious poetry readers.

I love the lines all the better:

"For I am going somewhere I have never been,
and my mind is unlocking things previously unseen,
from negative entrapment I am breaking free,
now is the time for discovering the true and inner me."

Continuing the Journey

I don't know if you agree with me on the point that this one is better than the former, specially when I come across these lines:

"Yet, my spirit has been weighed down -
with other people's negative crap,
but with positive energy -
I am fighting the black tide back."

I hope you will continue your steadfast journey towards poetry as well; and I would like to hear what you have to say about your dreams and the positive frame of your mind as soon as you can.

A new stage of my Journey begins.

"but THIS is MY year,
to spread my wings and finally fly."

These last two lines of the poem are apocalyptic. And it's nice to know that you think of life as a long journey, and of a particular time as "a new stage" in the journey towards somewhere - the "somewhere" which we have not yet known. Yes, you have a skill as to leave a just title to your every poem.

Enjoy your daily slice of life.

Certainly you look very promising! I would love to read more of your work in the upcoming days.

I think the very title of your poem is fit for the content you have put in the work. I have commented on one of your poems at www.poemhunter.com, and here as well.

Cupid and Psyche

Yes, honestly speaking, you write good, very good. I hope you will go on writing your poems...

The Violence Was In Your Love

sorry! I have posted my comment on your poem three times by one of my sheer mistakes; my computer that sometimes does abnormal things for me, for others like you as well, is to blame.

The Violence Was In Your Love

This is surprising that none can break anyone's heart which is already broken! Wow, how nice an idea you have given birth to! what a nice poem you have written to convey your emotions in a superb form of art which we call poetry.

The Violence Was In Your Love

This is surprising that none can break anyone's heart which is already broken! Wow, how nice an idea you have given birth to! what a nice poem you have written to convey your emotions in a superb form of art which we call poetry.

The Violence Was In Your Love

This is surprising that none can break anyone's heart which is already broken! Wow, how nice an idea you have given birth to! what a nice poem you have written to convey your emotions in a superb form of art which we call poetry.

The Poet

Plato said, 'The soul never thinks without a pictute'. Here I think of every poet as "an artist that paints but a picture" as you do. I have really enjoyed reading this poem of yours, and am going to read more of your work.


Wow! another wonderful poem..........


What a wonderful poem it is! I like these two lines:

"life's atrocities
become its intricacies"

You have a right to be kind of happy with what you have written so far and posted here at Poetbay.

Broken ties

It's a wonderful poem that deserves attention from everybody at this site. I really enjoyed reading this poem after my three-week break.

Truth in creativity.

Angela has overlooked the passage:

"Anyway, you have written some better poems. I can't tell you lies; and that's why I have become somewhat dissatisfied with this poem and certainly with you. But please don't think I don't like your poems."

She has said "these are my friends and i have to speak up" but does it mean we all have to always praise a poet our friend, even if he writes a poem no better than his others? Dear, I am not that person who will always say something good about bad poems, and this is for sure. And people should not think of it as "arrogance".

I think John has understood that I have not done injustice to his poetic talent I admire, but he won't expect me to praise a bad poem either by him or by me. Good relationships and friendships have NOTHING or LITTLE to do with CRITCISM if criticism wishes to be just and honest. Anybody can spoil young poets (including John and I) by praising their bad works too much. John, I never meant to spoil you at all. And I don't want to be the spoiler myself.

I, Like Prometheus Bound

Certainly this is a nice poem, nicely crafted as well. You are kind of spiritually positive throughout the poem; and there are stunning lines telling that you have a positive frame of mind to your credit, and that frame "normal" people can touch, even if they go without that spiritual "positiveness." There are fantastic lines, specially lines like:

"I face life with love,
Compassion and passion,"

"So that I become
More attuned, more responsive,
To the misery of others"

which not only harp on the strings of my heart from where music turns up as from other hearts, but which are startling and puzzling as well, because just one week back, I said you had no "modesty" to answer to the "Why" of one unnecessarily misunderstood by you nor compassion required of a physian's approach to other human beings. I think you have changed in a week! I hope it's not the change most vivid on the printed page or on the computer screen.

So, it's true we all do mistakes, not excluding you; and silence can't always be the right answer and souldn't ever be. Don't you think that "in speech alone is man purified" is true for human beings including you and me as for other people too at Poetbay?

Truth in creativity.

John, I kind of like your poems posted so far at Poetbay, but don't you think it's so presumptuous to say, "Look deeper in my poem and find out the true meaning of creativity?" This poem is not even good if I compare this poem with others you have written so far; yet this presumtuous and precocious claim is absurd, so absurd that I may not look into this poem again.

Anyway, you have written some better poems. I can't tell you lies; and that's why I have become somewhat dissatisfied with this poem and certainly with you. But please don't think I don't like your poems.

I would have loved to talk to you about this matter, but I will be away for three weeks.


Ok, it's a nice image. The title is wonderful.

I left my heart in Rome

So beautiful and so passionate is the imagery you have used in the poem about the Imperial City of Rome that it can push back anyone's heart to nice and soothing memories of days spent in a city, memorable because you had filled it up with your love and passion.

A memorable attempt at reliving the days and happy nights is validated in terms of words you have used in this poem, of praise and of the recognition of the self happily expressed in Rome. In a word, this is wonderful.

See my beauty

It's a beautiful poem from a beautiful person who has a beautiful soul! Am I clear?

Come with me to bella Roma

I think this is the most impressive poem I have ever read among your poems posted at this site. The invitation is so romantic that sometimes the burden of so much romanticism feels so heavy on a heart fed on corruption, vanity, voilence and the like. This poem is par excellence.

Moonkissed Hills

Wow! it's so romantic of you to think that way. Anyway, this poems reads excellent. I love it.

Flawed to Perfection

So good a poem it is that I may not be critical about it. So, my heart at the "uncritical" stage says that your poem is nicely written just as good ones often are, and this deserves the attention the writer of this poem want to have. You have got that "attention" and love from me as from others too.

It worked

Another impressive poem though presented in a less clear context; this seems so to me, and this seeming is purely personal. Anyway, I thank you so much for sharing it with readers here.

As Poets

Yes, the very starting of the poem with lines like
"All we are looking for
Is to strike a chord
In another's soul"
is fantastic, for your creativity fuels the engine of such emotion, and the end:
"Harmony's vibrations
Rock you to your core?"

It's so insightful that no reader has any problem to dive down into the depth of a poet's mind. Well-done!

The Awakening

You are far better poet than you think. But writing not in regular meter but using rhymes is not or should be expected of you. I am talking about the technical problems but not about the context of the poem or the poem itself. This is certainly a good poem.

I want to read more of your work; and I will always be there whenever you want any kind of help you will need to better yourself as a confident poet who doesn't care for mere popularity but for true artistic realisation. Thanks for all that.

Lune (with translation)

Certainly this is a good poem, but I have a problem: did you write the French poem and then translate it into English yourself? or whose poem have you translated into English? I think it's your French poem; perhaps, I may be wrong (or why not right?).

Anyway, this translation which you have done with your "translating" passion and skill at work is really faithful to the original text. But certain liberties are taken as well, such as "J'imagine et je rêve la réunion de nos énergies.
(I imagine and dream our energies reuniting.)" but not great but very slight liberties you have taken. You have retained every punctuation mark from the French original in your translated version in English.

I have to rate this poem because this translation is done very skillfully (or the French original you might have written?) and deserves praise.

Isn't It That Kalidasa's Calligraphy?

Readers, I am not talking about myself alone. I don't know why it should "necessarily" be a must that poems should be shorter to let readers become familiar with one's style, the readers who have "a short attention span" and don't want to spend time to go through intricate pieces, and why it should be the only "way people would not be intimidated by its length and could concentrate on each section a lot more." And long poems don't necessarily mean those always written "in the narrative style", and I wonder what the "readers" would feel while they are having a go at much longer pieces, and much harder and more complicated texts as of Pound or Eliot. I want all of the readers to get straight away accustomed to the longer style of poems they are probably going to read in the days to come if they want to be expert readers. Once again I have to say that I am not talking about myself alone.

Anyway, is a poem of mere 64 lines and of easy readability that very "long" and short of catching readers' attention?


It's a good poem full of passionate intensity and the implication of their passion turning into memory; and the referrence to stars falling some other day has fit in, for one day this star-gazing will turn into memory as well. Go on writing poems like this one!


It's really a good poem. These two lines are wonderful: "now sulking with a glass in the dark/it's stupid to talk about nirvana". Indian mysticism and philosophy are hard for people of much Westernised outlooks, but a kind of essential good can be found there. I like all the Sanskrit literature.

These days, I am reading The Gita to understand the Indian psyche which is ours as well, because the partition in 1947 doesn't mean we have become poles apart in thinking. I am really fond of Kalidasa; I hope you would read "Isn't It That Kalidasa's Calligraphy?" One of the reasons why I am asking you to read is that you are living in India and must be someone with sensibilities of the Subcontinent to your credit.


Another impressive poem! But it's not that charming as "Salt". Anyway, take my love with great pleasure (or get angry with me? ); everything's up to you. Go on delving deep into the depth of your innermost creativity.


This is simply great! "Silence haunts me/ once again/ Walls closing in" these lines and some more beneath these are, in a sense, fabulous according to the depth of emotions you have put into words. Everything is great about it except the patterning of lines, though it's fully up to you alone. I would love to see more of your work at this site or elsewhere on the Internet. Thanks once again for the poem itself and for the poet that lives in you as well.

Time has come to move on

Good! I like this poem. I think if you had added a little flesh to the skeleton of this poem, it would have got the charm far greater than it has now to offer. Maybe, it would gleam like the joy you are holding onto your heart of good spirit.

I would love to hear what you are yourself just now thinking of skills in art, and of course, not to mention, your deepest feelings turning into lines of poems.


Yes, it's really a very good poem telling us of the change the persona has adopted into her/ (his?) life for whatever she/ (he?) thinks of as good for the people she/(he?) is often surrounded by.

Thanks for the turn of the key to the door of positive values, but this poem could be garnished with art-spice as every good cook hopes to present it before hungry readers. I don't mean any disrespect, rather wish you all the best in the future.

Silent sound

Yes, another impressive "haiku" poem. Do you know that "haiku" is shorter than "tanka" in Japanese poetics? "Tanka" poems have much more to say than a "haiku" can.


Wonderful! I must read more of your work. Thanks, and I hope we will share our poems with each other. I know a lot about "haiku" , and read many anthologies of Japanase poetry. I think I can help you.

After All These Years

Fine! a very passionate poem which you have created with your life itself.

But I would have been happier if you had gathered all of its thoughts and feelings in a more artistic way than this. Anyway, this is my personal point of view which shouldn't bother you.

A Dreamers Mind

This is a nice poem though it's unfortunately with a few problems in using punctuation marks. I hope you would edit them later. You have the capacity to watch every movement in a very artistic way.

Forever Stalling

Fine!!!!!! but I want to read more of your work. Should you deprive us readers of your forthcoming works?

October bliss

A very good poem with a touch of romanticism...


Yes, this is a poem where compressed intensity and the beauty of words could go on harping on the strings of the human mind. So fresh and so pathatic it is that it enthralls my reading of it. Anyway, I will not say it is "murky" because my honesty tells that it is far from that. Thanks...


Wow! This is a wonderful poem. You have perfectly understood a mother's carefulness to her children. But unfortunately children have to face the world of demons to become mature with the passage of time. They sacrifice innocence for maturity.

Anyway, I thank you for letting me think on this theme again.

Astral Travel

No, you won't be a pirate, rather a lover if you wish to be. Your poem is very touching!

Widows of Vrindavan

Another impressive poem but only this time you have become more socially conscious of the widows at Vrindavan in the Indian socio-cultural context. Your concern for widows is a kind of setting oneself in their context to better understand their situations they are already trapped in.

I give thanks from within my heart beyond the intellectuality we always aspire to have on display for others. Anyway, there is a certain chance for any person to fall in love with such compassionate human being like you! And I, like others perhaps, am no exception. I hope to hear from you soon...


Another good impressive poem ... Anyway, what do you wish to have straight off whenever you see a shooting star? As you are an Indian, I can't but ask you this question which you may think to be odd.

Sometimes I Feel I am a Cloud

You write wonderfully! You have the necessary skill to put in frame what you have in your mind.

We are from the same sub-continent.........


This poem sounds very much like one somehow influenced by "The Interpretation od Dreams". Anyway, I like this poem very much because it reminds a poem by Langston Hughes, the poem runs...

Hold fast to dreams;
For if dreams die,
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams;
For when drems go,
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Anyway, I am not saying that you have to read those works to have written poems like this. Thanks a lot for what you have said in an artistic way, even though I am not a staunch dreamer.

He says.

You have portrayed your confussion in an artistic way! Have you read "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufork" by T. S. Eliot? Though themes are poles apart, but a kind of similarity in both attitudes.


Hi, this poem is a wonderful one, and you may be proud of having written it by the time you have made up your mind to go on creatively in your life. Congratulation on your poem.

Dear, I am really scared to say any further, because I have found that misunderstanding is the doctrine much practised now, and every impersonal thing I have said about the tasks writers face is treated as something very personal. But anyway, I could not but praise your poetic efforts.

fucking life

Hello chasingtheday, are you sure that you have done the right job to paste personal messages not meant for public? I thought you were a sober man!