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36 years old from Norway

The latest comments that Nyorioko has written.

Mother's Smiles

This made me miss having a real mother.
Wonderful and moving.

A Friend

That's a perfect image of a true friendship.

Dreams IX

This was a very special read.
Special but great.
keep up the good work


"snow is crying on the ground"

Such a beatyful line
Great work


"Night is a harsh mistress
when all is misplaced
and I is only I."

My favorite part.
As poets we draw inspiration from places that others simply can't see.
This is great.

The Lost King

"Love is just a word
And I am just a simple thing"

Love these two lines
And the poem itself is great.
I don't know why, but your poetry seems to draw my mind into it like fireflies drawn to the light.
Amazing work sir!

The Apology

I like this one.
It's an interesting question really.
According to the bible God forgives.
But it says nothing about apologizing.

Because That's What Killers Do

You, sir.
Are one of my top 3 favourite writers in all of poetbay.
I love the rythm in this one.

The Parks

I have read several of your poems. But you still manage to capture me with every word.
Great work man.

shhh.. I've got a secret

I really liked the opening. And the title of it.
But somehow it lost some of the mystery along the line. And the end became somewhat dull.
But appart from that, a good poem.


This one took me some time to figure out.
But I like that, good work.

Spectrum Fracture

I'd take the purple night over greenish day anytime.
Like the title on this one.

"And the moral of that story
Is that mother earth is hell"

Love this part, it's powerful and yet kinda soft.
Because "mother earth" sounds so loving and caring, and then comes "hell" as a bombshell.

Great work.

Bored, Blind, and Light

I'm gonna go bow down in the dust now....and polish your shoes...
I'm not worthyyyy...
You are so good!

Im Sorry

Oh aaron.....this is simply beautifull.
The four last lines are so powerfull, and true.
Keep up the wonderfull work.


You are religious, I am told
Do you think that God get's old?

GREAT...Loved this part.
You write very very well. Captures the mind and keeps it locked on the words. Its great.

In The River

I had too bookmark this one. Loved it.

Looking Forward

Great work Aaron, so much truth in your words.
Anyone should feel honored to get a poem like this written for them.

From Curiosity Came Jealousy

And yet again your writing leaves me in aw....you write in a very honest way. I love it.

La Vida Mia/My Life

I like the spanish one better then the translation.
But since i do not know spanish (at least not well enough) i had to read the translation.
Again someting that reminds me of me.

1st Impression

This one reminds me of my self. And the fact that very few people truly know me for who I really am.
To put it in writing like this is very good.
Keep up the great work.

Take Another Look

To take the time, and truly look, and get to know someone without listening to what everyone else is saying about them.
That is how i see this poem. A very well writen short poem.


Oops....I was hurrying so i clicked it twice....oh well.


I have to agree with tai chi on the slimy declaration bit.
Other than that, its great.


I have to agree with tai chi on the slimy declaration bit.
Other than that, its great.

Moonlight On A City Roof

Oh I'll sit with you anywhere anytime as long as you keep writing like this young man.

The Many Colors of Seaspray

Ok...i bow down in the dust.
I dont do that often so its a huge compliment....
Need to bookmark this one.
Really loved it.

Lock Me Inside With You

Romance can be over rated sometimes.
In this case it's not.
You put romance into words without all the damn smooching and stuff.
Really great.

Angelic Chime

Well writen, has a nice flow to it.
And the best part is, i can see a bit of myself in it.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Leave, Starting With Words That End in the -ay Sound

Such a sweet way to ask someone to stay.
a little bit of humor,yet romantic.

In The Still of Winter

I still think you are incredebly gifted, liked this one a lot.
A lot of feelings in it.
Keep up the great work.

they loved me so much

When I read this one, it reminded me of my own life.
Very well writen, and powerfull.

Wings of Love

You never fail to deliver.
This left me with a great feeling inside.
Keep up the great work.

In Waves of Friendship

Friendship is a wonderful thing. And should be taken care of.
Great work:D

The Good and Noble Lord Remmington

An interesting poem.
Like the ending.
Keep up the good work;)

Hope is a Popularity Contest

Liked this one.
Bookmarked it.
Read it several times and just now starting to understand it.
Great work.

If You Could Really See

you are a great writer, i enjoy reading your works.
Keep it up

A Time of Celebration ~Birthday Poem~

How do you do it?! It drives me crazy:P
You have a talent, a real talent.
The flow in this one almost resembles a song, and the way you use the space between the lines makes it even better.
Keep up the wonderfull work. Love Nyorioko.

love and emptiness .... serendipity

Great work.
Well writen, open, honest.
I liked it very much.

In the end this is for the best

Love can be hard to handle. And can give more pain then any other feeling can. A great poem, lot of feelings involved. Keep up the good work.


Having someone you love sent to jail, must be horrible. And yet it gives you a chance to write your feelings down. Wich can turn out to become good poems. Keep up the good work, and keep faith.

One Step At a Time

This one is powerfull, I felt like reading it more then once.
Very good work.

Standing Ovation ~Aaron Style~

You really do have talent, i'll give you that. I do hope you keep writing.

While I Saw you Cry

When i first read this, i tryed not to think about the fact that you are just 17. I thought it was amazing, and even more amazing coming from a 17 year old. Keep up the good work.

day breaks

Very romantic acctualy. A nice poem:)

Without Sacrifice

That is very true.
If you never sacrifice, you never gain.

truths by our hands

I liked this one very much. The flow is very natural and open. Honest:)