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30 years old from USA

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Inside The Tinderbox

moving her into grotesque shapes
and forms then leaving her wasted
and crumpled like yesterday's news

incredible! i'm kind of obsessed w/ jodi picoult books and this seems like something that she would write.

Don't ______ Me

i feel semi flattered/semi insulted but i shouldn't feel insulted because you insult me so that means you like me. so i'm flattered.

My Hypothesis

short and sweet.
i love it.

What could have happened if something else had happened first

You write well and I'm glad that now that I'm temporarily back to the Bay you're writing!! yay!!
awesome job. you have a way with words.

There Was A Girl:

awwwww. well, you know... that reminds me of this ONE girl that i know... hmm...



never stop writing


A Littie Girl's Fear

that was really good.
it's like reading a romance novel!!!
so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end... of this school year

i miss them already... :(

Coin Toss

REALLLLLLLLLLY good rhyming!! lady fate gives chance a grin. haha. sweeeeeeet.

The Wonders of Ducttape

This is the one you showed me on the bus that I awwwwwwwwwwed to!! It's sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heart it!! and I heart ducttape too!!!

One Day

I've decided that I'm living June 5th as my last day alive. Because of the whole 666 apocalypse idea. Yep. I'm living it like it's my last. teehee.


i heart the last two lines!! though where the hell is my cellphone WOULD work also... though i prefer the one you wrote down.
smiley face!!

Just Friends

He puts his arm around you?!
Well, you'd better make it VERY clear on friday that you don't like him!!! if he asks you to dance, say NO. AND DON'T BE GENTLE. You gotta say, "Uh... No thinks. I don't actually like you like that." Seriously. Because, YOU'RE DOOMED. I mean, good luck...

Love For A While

Wow. that was really good.
you SHOULD start playing.
keep it up! i love reading them!!!


i love it. and i love eyes. that's what i notice in people. not their eye color but just how they look at you and how they look around and stare off into space. and, what you feel when you make eye contact with them. sometimes you feel like laughing because you both get some hilarious joke (like mary and i @ the DI thing. adam... yes? hahha) or you just get this huge jolt of nervousness running through you and your heart jumps to your throat, or you feel pity from somebody. yep. eyes are amazing and so is this poem!


say it sista!!
i agree with you 100 percent!!
(the fuzzier the mind the better! sometimes...)

Picture Day

Hate picture day. infact, I hate having my picture taken, but I know if I don't think about it and I don't try, then i have an excuse for looking so horrible!!! :P

Cage of Emotions

I love this one! You showed it to me in yearbook a few days ago and I was like AWWWW!!! When I read the line about stomach flops, I always think of things that made MY stomach flop and then... my stomach flops...
It's a really cool poem!!


COOOOOOOOOL. That was really cool and I think it's read with a very flowing motion and feel. Awesome!

Great Expectations



It's not stupid and beauty is a very... beautiful word. It's a great poem and I can't write things like this!


i never notice eye color.
it's sad, but, that's okay. i realize when somebody has really strong eyes or something but i never notice color... which depresses me... haha. not really depressing... but, yeah.
love the poem!!!
they roar and crash
just like the sea
a reminder of your
love for me.


Porch Swing, 8:09 PM

Awwwwwww!!!!!!! I love sunrise over water and sunset over mountains and water... i'm picky about my suns! haha.
that is so cute! why do you have such better luck than I do??? It's a CURSE i tell you!!
awesome poem!!

In An Alternate Universe and A Better Time, You Didn't Flip Me The Bird and Apologized Instead

VERY long title!!! that's okay!! it was really good!! another great one by you!!


you should RAP that!! that'd be sweet!!! i this one because you keep reading it with this cool rhythm and then... it's really cool!

Rain... Continued

deeper than the first one because this one is nervewracking if that's the right word... anyway, it's very good still!
i love rain.


I love rain. It makes me do that sometimes. For no reason. It's like, "I WANNA BE LIKE THE RAIN!!" so i feel like crying.
Rain is sad but also really sweet.
and so is the poem!

Slave to Narcotics

I HATE HER!!! soooo much!!! grrr.
"I had a friend who knew somebody who was sitting on a picnic table during a storm and was hit by thunder." OH WHAT A SHAME!!!!
Good job!!!


i agree. but i've never been very good at writing anyway!!


awww. that's sad but good.


they are so silly. and creepy. they used to scare me. i thought they all had rabies so i'd say WAY far away from them!!

The Best Queasy Feeling In the World

I agree with Ironic Banana!! YAY FOR QUEASY!!!
It's got a great rhythm to it and it has excellent flow.
I like the first stanza and the last stanza the most... and all the rest inbetween...
"You live with your heart.
You die in your head.
Let hearts open and reach for others."

The World Today

Wow!! That was one of the best poems I have read in... FOREVER!!! Wow... That was some serious stuff.
I was near tears by the end of it... It's sooo amazing.. Wowww....

for Steven

A born poet, with steaming pen
Drumming deeply the dreary drums
Without a flinch in the fingers.

That's really good and very descriptive!!
You're the one who's born to write!!

Nikki Giovanni Spin-off (Paint Me American)

I love the poem, though not that I hate America or Americans, I just hate the people in charge.
If the government were to monitor your phone calls and where you went online and the stuff you wrote on here, you'd be in for. Haha.
That's too bad about you being a cynical bastard.

Body Art

Wow. Powerful.
It's funny because I'm beginning to think you wrote it with experience in that subject. It's right on, did you know that? Wow. Wow...

He loves You

CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!! Aww. That's cute and I LIKE IT!!!
Haha. There's a possiblity I know who you're talking about... hmm...


haha. I started out all, "aw!!! he's gonna go and she's gonna be all sweet and awwww!!!"
and then i was like, "screw him, bitch!!"
haha. sweeeeeeeeeet poem!!
And, I DO like it!!

What could be better?

Poetbay account: $0.00
DI Snack: something or other
Mentally killing celebrities: priceless.

HAHAHA. I love this poem!!!!!!!!!!

Verse of Life

Damn. I keep forgetting to rate.

Verse of Life

Wow. That was really powerful. I think it touched on a lot of different points in the world today. It's really good. Wow. I was going to copy and paste the part I liked the most but when I read it through again, I couldn't decide! The entire poem is sooo good, and I think there's a character limit in the comment box...
Wow. That's bookmark worthy.


Wow, Lucas! You're really good! You never show it to your classmates. You should. They'd be willing to listen and very willing to applaud.
(I love food.)
If you think this one was random and stupid, it might be random but it's not stupid.

Forget. Me. Not.

Aww. That's sad. :(
But very good. Extremely good.


This is wow. I have the same question. What's the deadline?
And, last of all, I feel like there should be some kind of thing that I SHOULDN'T do it because I'm only 14 and it's kinda crazy... So, I dunno.
But, I'll think about it.


I label people too, I've just never labeled myself. I dunno what I am. I write, but that's not my life. I play field hockey, sure, but I don't live for sports. I don't know. I'm surely not A because I can't get A's.
Well, whatever. I have issues.
Great write, again. Another 5-er.

Vinni's Delicatessen

Cooooool. I'm hungry. I want bread or something that Vinni made. Vinni is the coolest name in the world.
Anyway, it's a really good descriptive write and you really draw the reader into it. Sweet job.

A Cynical Deathbringer

Woah! For a sec there you had me believing you gone off to join the army and that's why you weren't at school today!!
It was really powerful and I think it's really good! Tres bien!

My Old Friend Time

Tell time to go to hell. i hate time. i like NOT time and stuff. because, i'll gladly live in neverland and became a lost girl who lives with the lost boys but i'm older than all of them so they suck and i'm amazing and i'd rather stay like this forever even if i hate it sooo much.
but, great poem.

Scared About the Future

Aww. Now I feel lucky. But, i still don't... because it's like OMG. HIGHSCHOOL!! and it's scary because it's like how there's this certain scent in each grade's hallway, like the 6th grade hallway smells like 6th grade and thhe 7th like 7th and the 8th like 8th... but, ugh. at the highschool, it didn't SMELL like something i wanted to be around. but, don't be scared. you have reid and banana and it'll be fine! you'll see all your old friends!!


Woah. That's crazy.

The Light Side of Somewhere

i agree with kata!